Congress Title: The Fourth International Congress of Transplantation 2024 (ICOT-2024)  -  "Transplantation Enhanced by Innovation"

Date: May 24, 2024 (Friday) – May, 26 (Sunday), 2024

Introduction: In this short period of history since the first successful kidney transplant operation in Mongolia, we have performed 340 kidney, 395 liver (254 at FCHM, 141 NCCM), 32 bone marrow and stem cell transplants, saving 767 lives, transplanting the right and left lobes of the liver, and different blood types. Many advanced technologies have been introduced, such as liver transplantation from donors, reduction of antibody titers against recipients, kidney transplants, and organ transplants in children.

In Mongolia, brain death donor organ transplantation started 6 years ago and the legal environment was fully established with the enforcement of revised Donor law in 2018.

Brain death donor organ transplantation activities increased since organ transplant hospitals and donor hospitals have been signed a cooperation agreement in January 2019.

There is quite high demand to increase the number of organ transplantation from the brain death donors in the future.

Goal: The purpose of this conference is to share the knowledge and experience at three donor hospitals and provide information to the newly established brain death determination teams.

Outcome : Transplantation Enhanced by Innovation

Official language: English

Setting type: event hall (Hall of the Ulaanbaatar hotel)

Participants: 500 doctors and nurses of First Central Hospital, Third Central Hospital, Trauma Orthopedic Research National Center, Songinokhairkhan district General Hospital

Hosted by the Mongolian Organ Transplantation Association, the Regulatory department of cell tissue and organ transplantation of the Center for Health Development

Endorsed by The First Central Hospital of Mongolia, Raphael International and Rotary International.

Secretariat Office: Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar-210648, PoB-187, Sukhbaatar District, 1st khoroo, Peace Street-13B

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