WELCOME to ICOT-2024 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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The Fourth International Congress of Organ Transplantation


"Transplantation Enhanced by Innovation"

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Dear colleagues,

It is our great honor and pleasure to meet all the scientists and professors who have devoted their knowledge, skills, and hard work to the development of Mongolian health sector technology, such as organ transplantation.

Since the implementation of the organ transplant program in Mongolia, our doctors have successfully transplanted 348 kidneys, 386 livers, and 32 bone marrow stem cells. Also, bone grafts and corneal transplants are performed. ABO incompatible kidney and liver transplantation has been introduced.

I am very pleased to mention that dozens of academic works have been published in foreign and national journals. I would like to emphasize that all participants efforts will determine the development of Mongolian Medical Science. However, we all know that we need to adapt pancreatic and heart transplant programs to treat people who needed this treatment.

Many invited guest professors and doctors are participating in the ICOT2024.

I am sure that this meeting will be productive and create many wonderful memories.

We sincerely wish the foreign and domestic professors and doctors great success in their academic work and auspicious blessings for the virtues of science.

Nyamsuren Davaajav / President, Mongolian Organ Transplantation Association


Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the organizing committee, it is My great honor to invite you to the 4th International Congress of Organ Transplantation in “Transplantation Enhanced by Innovation”, which will be held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on May 24, 2024 (Friday) – May, 26 (Sunday), 2024.

We are faithful that the Congress will offer for participants much to learn and to know future trends and innovation in transplantation most up-to-date surgical accomplishments and new techniques in the field of cadaveric donor transplantations and public awareness, ethical issues. 

In according, we are also planning to organize cultural event, which will demonstrate Mongolian national folk art and dance performances.

Once again, we warmly welcome you to ICOT 2024 Mongolia and our best wishes for the enjoyable and beneficial experience for all of you!

Batchuluun Pandaan / Chair, Organizing Committee ICOT 2024



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